Membership Benefits


Get News & Updates

We'll keep you up to date on the latest AI happenings in BC and beyond.

Attend events

AInBC holds 4+ industry meetups and speaking events each year where you can stay up on the latest topics in this space.

Meet the Community

Join a diverse group of engaged individuals who are evolving the AI industry in BC.


Show Your Stuff

List your contact information and profile for employers to review when they're looking for talent.

Access Our Toolkit

We offer tools and services to help startups and SME's grow their businesses.

Support Our Mandate

We are looking for contributors, volunteers and sponsors to help grow the local ecosystem and build a name in AI for our province worldwide.


Membership Pricing


Corporate Members

Corporate membership* pricing is set according to the number of employees in your organization and enables your employees to purchase tickets to AInBC's four industry events per year at half price.**

Individual Members

Individual memberships* cost $50 ($30 for students and academics) and provide half price admission to AInBC's four industry events per year** (events ordinarily cost ~$25 per person) as well as member news updates and access to our private member directory where you can list your expertise for potential employers and contact other individual members in the community.

1-10 employees $210/Year
11-50 employees $525/Year
51-100 employees $1,050/Year
101+ employees $1,575/Year

Memberships are purchased annually

Students/Academics $31.50/Year
Individuals $52.50/Year

Memberships are purchased annually


* Individual memberships entitle holders each to one vote at general meetings of the network. Corporate members can designate up to five of their employees as voting members and their other employees will not be entitled to vote at general meetings. This is to ensure the continued diversity of interests and voices in the governance of AInBC. Memberships are restricted to individuals who are ordinarily resident in British Columbia and companies, non-profits and schools who are active in British Columbia.

** Excluding our fifth event, the CrossOver: AI Conference, held in December. Note that startup pricing is available for CrossOver: AI by contacting